Section 1
Prepare Your Organization’s Talent for the Future
Gain confidence in your people and hiring strategy

Section 2
Stop Losing Top Talent
You deserve to work with an HR specialist that knows how to connect vision to the human strategy


  • Losing top talent
  • Falling behind the competition
  • Losing team members to higher-paying positions
  • Job postings that are attracting the wrong candidates
  • Demotivated team members
  • Building the wrong team

Section 3
We care about the people side of your organization

Section 4
HR strategists that know how to connect vision to the human strategy.

Know the decisions you’re making will help propel your organization into the future.

Confidence that you’re structuring your team’s human resources the right way.

Section 5

3 simple steps

  1. Fill Out the Interest Form
    We’ll delve into your organization’s goals and requirements.
  2. Connect
    A Solutions Advisor will arrange a call to address your needs.
  3. Advance Your Organization
    Attain clarity on your organization’s most crucial objectives, develop a custom Talent Plan, and receive ongoing support as you implement and execute your plan.

Section 6
What makes Smith Marion Talent Consulting so different?

At Smith Marion we know how difficult it can be to find the right HR specialist who understands how to connect the dots between strategy and the human element of business. That can lead you to feel anxious or uncertain about your talent strategy.

In today’s climate, you don’t want to lose valuable talent or build the wrong team for the future. That’s why our talent experts are committed to giving objective advice that fits each organization’s unique needs.

As HR strategists focused on pairing talent with strategy, there are many ways we can help your organization. A few examples include:

Assessing your existing human resources and strategy

Performing strengths assessments that can be used for hiring or team building

Assistance with recruiting

Provide actionable advice around diversity, equity, and inclusion

Coaching team members and executives

Restructuring the organization or company culture

So, complete an interest form today. And in the meantime, download 5 Areas to Focus Your Human Resources Strategy so you can begin implementing an organizational structure that is positioned and accelerating into the future.

Here’s how you can begin:

  1. Fill out an interest form.
  2. One of our Solution Advisors will arrange a brief call to discuss your requirements.
    Collaborate with one of our consultants to gain clarity on your organization’s most significant objectives.
  3. Devise a strategy, and receive ongoing support for plan implementation.

Take the first step today by completing an interest form. Meanwhile, download the Smith Marion guide 5 Areas to Focus Your Human Resources Strategy to begin following the most direct path towards achieving your desired outcomes.

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