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Struggling to Navigate LIHTC Challenges?
You Deserve a Trusted LIHTC Consulting Partner

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  • Boost LIHTC Confidence
  • Ensure LIHTC Success
  • Free up leaders

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  • Inaccurate LIHTC Calculations
  • Wasted time and resources
  • Strategic misalignment
  • Short-term focus

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Three Simple Steps

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Collaborate with our consultants to gain clarity on your organization’s LIHTC objectives, devise a tailored strategy, and receive dedicated LIHTC Consulting support.

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At Smith Marion, we recognize the pivotal role that Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) can play in creating opportunities for affordable housing agencies. Understanding the unique challenges faced by housing authorities, we transcend generic solutions to provide LIHTC consulting tailored to the specific needs and best interests of the housing authority.

Navigating the intricate landscape of LIHTC involves various stakeholders with significant stakes in the outcome. Serving as a neutral party with the sole focus on the housing authority’s best interests, our consultants strive to ensure that you make informed decisions that align with the optimal path for your agency.

Enter Our LIHTC Consulting Services – Your Pathway to Affordable Housing Success.

Our LIHTC Consulting services are meticulously crafted with an in-depth understanding of the complexities inherent in these contracts. Acting as advocates for the housing authority, we prioritize your needs, working to safeguard your interests and facilitate the best possible outcomes.

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Here’s how to get started:

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