Section 1
Avoid investing time in misguided organizational initiatives.
Align everyone within your organization towards shared objectives and drive progress toward your goals.
Establishing a clear vision and a strategic plan is crucial for your organization’s future readiness.

Section 2


  • Facing challenges in aligning your executive team
  • Stagnating instead of advancing towards objectives
  • Spending unnecessarily on misaligned initiatives
  • Wasting resources—both time and money—on the wrong endeavors
  • Team members lacking clarity on the organization’s direction
  • Misinterpreting the value of your organization’s services

Section 3
You deserve a strategic plan that doesn’t just sit on the shelf

Section 4
Establish a Shared Vision: Ensure all members within your organization understand and rally behind a unified, clear long-term vision.
Drive Effective Execution: Foster a sense of confidence in the organization’s ability to prioritize and execute tasks in alignment with the organization’s goals.
Promote Unified Direction: Ensure everyone within the organization is not only aware of but actively working towards the same organizational objectives and targets.

Section 5
3 simple steps

  1. Fill Out the Interest Form
    We’ll delve into your organization’s goals and requirements.
  2. Connect
    A Solutions Advisor will arrange a call to address your needs.
  3. Advance Your Organization

Attain clarity on your organization’s most crucial objectives, develop a concise 2-page Strategic Plan, and receive ongoing support as you implement and execute your plan.

Section 6
What makes Smith Marion Strategic Planning and Visioning different?

At Smith Marion, we understand the challenges faced by owners, executive directors, and CFOs who are intimately acquainted with their organization’s risks, opportunities, and strengths. Often, they struggle to shift focus towards the bigger picture and the organization’s most crucial objectives.

The issue lies in the absence of a documented vision and strategic plan, making it challenging to garner support from your team, progress towards goals, and prepare for the future. This is where our Strategic Planning and Visioning process stands out—it is tailored to assist housing authorities, non-profits, and for-profit businesses in establishing consensus and alignment regarding their vision, strategic objectives, and performance metrics. Using the EOS method, our facilitators concentrate on embedding accountability within the Strategic Plan to ensure your organization doesn’t merely treat it as a lengthy document left on a shelf but accomplishes its outlined strategies.

Here’s how you can begin:

  1. Fill out an interest form.
  2. One of our Solution Advisors will arrange a brief call to discuss your requirements.
    Collaborate with one of our consultants to gain clarity on your organization’s most significant objectives,
  3. Devise a strategy, and receive ongoing support for plan implementation.

Take the first step today by completing an interest form. Meanwhile, download the Smith Marion guide to Strategic Planning to begin following the most direct path towards achieving your desired outcomes.

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