Mastering Accountability: The Key to Strategic Plan Success

Strategic planning is a critical process for Housing Authorities seeking to achieve long-term goals and objectives. It involves thinking forward to the future, setting a clear direction, identifying priorities, and implementing accountability.

The success of a strategic plan hinges on the ability to hold individuals accountable for executing the plan. In this article, we will explore the importance of accountability in strategic planning and provide actionable steps to implement accountability within the Housing Authority.

  1. Clear Communication: Start by ensuring that the strategic plan is communicated clearly and comprehensively throughout the organization. Every employee should know the plan’s purpose, objectives, and their role in its execution.
  2. Define Responsibilities: Break down the plan into specific tasks and assign clear responsibilities. Each task should be assigned to only one person to ensure that it is clear who is responsible for the task. Remember to let the team members know that just because they are responsible doesn’t mean they have to complete the task on their own.
  3. Set Metrics: Establish metrics that align with the plan’s objectives. These metrics should be assigned to individuals who are accountable for them and monitored weekly.
  4. Regular Check-Ins: Schedule regular meetings to check-in on the status of the task. These check-ins should involve team members discussing their achievements, challenges, and potential roadblocks. Open dialogue can help uncover issues early and facilitate problem-solving.
  5. Recognize and Reward Success: Celebrate achievements and acknowledge those who excel in their roles. Incentive pay programs, such as Balanced Score Cards, can create a culture of accountability and reward those who are meeting their goals. Click here to read about our Balanced Scorecards Article!
  6. Provide Support and Resources: Ensure that individuals have the necessary resources and support to fulfill their responsibilities.
  7. Foster a Culture of Accountability: Make accountability a part of your Housing Authorities culture. Encourage open and honest communication and promote a sense of collective responsibility for the plan’s success.
  8. Continual Evaluation and Adaptation: Strategic plans are not static documents; they should evolve with changing circumstances. Strategic Plans should be updated quarterly and annually to make updates and assign new goals.
If you would like to discuss how creating an accountability chart can help your Housing Authority, schedule a call today!

Holding people accountable to your strategic plan is necessary for success. It ensures that everyone in the Housing Authority is committed, aligned, and actively rowing in the same direction.

By implementing the strategies mentioned above and fostering a culture of accountability, you can significantly increase the likelihood of your strategic plan’s success.

Stay tuned for next month’s topic: Building Your Roadmap to Success: The Right Team for Strategic Planning

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