Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services

At Smith Marion, it is our mission to empower seniors to achieve financial security and peace of mind as they navigate the evolving phases of life. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client, recognizing the importance of personalized support.

Our goal is to preserve your independence and bolster your financial confidence throughout your senior years. If you’re seeking financial guidance as a senior, our suite of accounting and bookkeeping services is designed to enhance your organization and financial stability.

Your life experiences are unique, and your journey is unparalleled. Our approach begins with building a deep understanding of your history, aspirations, and goals for the future. Together with you and your loved ones, we develop strategic solutions that promote your continued well-being and prosperity. Join us in shaping your financial future with clarity and assurance.



Eldercare & Financial Care

Empowering seniors to navigate life’s choices with clarity and confidence tailored to their unique circumstances.

Court Accounting

Offering comprehensive accounting, documentation, and reporting services to trustors, beneficiaries, or the court.

Private Fiduciary

Smith Marion is trusted by many to act as a responsible fiduciary, managing the business and financial affairs of trusts.

Tax Services

Offering tax preparation services for individuals and trusts, tax planning, and year-end bookkeeping tailored to tax preparation needs.

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