Amplifying Collaboration: Unlocking the Power of Feedback for Stronger Board Relations (Part 1)

Chad Porter, CPA, CFE

Building strong relationships within a board of directors is crucial for the success of any organization. One effective way to enhance collaboration and strengthen the relationships with board members is by harnessing the power of feedback. By creating a feedback-friendly culture and providing regular opportunities for open communication, Housing Authorities can unlock the potential of their board and drive stronger collaboration. Here’s how:

  1. Foster a culture of feedback: Create an environment where feedback is encouraged and valued. Board Chairs & Executive Directors can establish trust by emphasizing the importance of open and honest communication. Encourage constructive feedback that focuses on growth and improvement rather than personal criticism.
  2. Incorporate feedback mechanisms: Integrate feedback sessions into your board meetings or schedule dedicated feedback sessions. Provide opportunities for board members to share their perspectives, insights, and concerns. Consider anonymous feedback surveys annually to gather honest feedback on specific topics or board performance.
  3. Promote two-way communication: Encourage board members to actively listen and engage in meaningful dialogue. Create an atmosphere where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. Foster a culture of collaboration and shared decision-making.
  4. Conduct board performance evaluations: Regularly assess the performance and contribution of individual board members through self-assessments and peer evaluations. Use the feedback gathered to identify areas for improvement and offer targeted development opportunities.
  5. Seek external perspectives: Bring in external facilitators or consultants to conduct board assessments and provide unbiased feedback. Their expertise can offer fresh perspectives, identify blind spots, and stimulate productive discussions among board members.
  6. Take action on feedback: Ensure that feedback leads to actionable outcomes. Encourage the board to use the feedback received to drive positive change and improvement. Set clear goals and establish accountability for implementing the suggested improvements.
  7. Cultivate a learning mindset: Foster a culture of continuous learning within the board. Encourage board members to seek feedback, engage in professional development, and stay informed about governance best practices. Emphasize the importance of growth and improvement for both individuals and the organization.            

By leveraging the power of feedback, Housing Authorities can amplify collaboration, strengthen board relations, and drive overall success. Embrace feedback as a catalyst for growth, and use it to foster open communication, facilitate learning, and make informed decisions. With a board that values feedback, Housing Authorities can navigate challenges effectively and achieve their strategic goals.

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Stay tuned for next month’s topic: Mastering the Art of Effective Meetings: Strategies for Productive Engagement with Your Housing Authority Board

Chad Porter, CFE, CPA

Chad began his journey with the company at the young age of 21. Today, as CEO, he is a recognized thought leader in the world of Housing Authorities. His industry connections are unparalleled. Chad has had the privilege of sharing his expertise on the national stage, speaking at prestigious conferences such as the AHACPA annual conference, as well as at state, regional, and national Housing Authority associations.

His career has taken him on a global journey, from Africa to Afghanistan, Puerto Rico to Indonesia and Honduras. He has also had the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation, as an adjunct professor of Accounting at Middle Tennessee State University.

But for Chad, there is nothing more important than spending time with his family. He is a devoted husband and father, and in his free time, you can find him cheering on his beloved Nashville Predators at the hockey game.

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