The keys to success: Smith Marion webinar discusses how to have a successful accounting career

Accounting firm SMCo successfully holds first Leadership Academy webinar for college students to learn how to have a successful accounting career

Becoming an accountant is one thing, but knowing what tools are needed to become a successful accountant is another thing. That’s why our team at SMCo is proud to announce the success of our first ever virtual Leadership Academy that took place last month!

This two-day online event was held on January 14th and 15th by Smith Marion & Co. and was open to any student who is interested in accounting.

Guest speakers Peter Wesch (EA, Principal at SMCo), Kendra Dockham (CPA, Principal at SMCo), and Douglas Englehart (MSA, CPA, Principal at SMCo) all aimed at equipping students with the tools necessary to select a great accounting firm and have a successful accounting career.

The topics were excellent and relevant to the current changes in the industry, including the effects of the pandemic on the accounting industry, navigating the online world of accounting, and more. To recap:

  • Peter Wesch educated the students on the changes in the accounting industry and the impact on tax return preparation.
  • Kendra Dockham discussed the importance of working in groups. She discussed how to take the skills learned inside the classroom and apply them to the workplace.
  • Douglas Englehart presented on the first few years working in an accounting firm. He gave students the inside scoop of what it takes to set yourself apart from your peers from the beginning so the start of your career could set the tone for the rest of your career.

Besides our team leading the event, there were also various opportunities to network, join in virtual round table discussions, and participate in breakout sessions where students could ask questions, address concerns, discuss their experiences, listen to firsthand accountant experiences, and more.

Though our SMCo office is based in Redlands, California, we were excited to see students from colleges across the Inland Empire sign up for this event! This first year was a success and we’re excited to see what the upcoming year’s event has in store!

We had a great time getting to know the students and hearing great topics from experts in the accounting field.

As a reminder, this event is designed for all college students no matter your location (the more, the merrier). We look forward to the 2022 Leadership Academy and we encourage any college student to sign up!

Recordings from the two-day Leadership Academy event can be accessed on the SMCo YouTube channel here.

Smith Marion & Co. was founded in 1983 and is a mid-sized accounting firm located in Southern California with offices in Lake Arrowhead, Redlands, and Brentwood, Tennessee. We specialize in housing authority and non-profit auditing, tax return preparation of businesses, non-profits, and high net-worth individuals. Smith Marion & Co. values Building Great Relationships with our clients as we partner with them to provide focused expertise to their situations. We are a pillar in our community and are actively involved in volunteering and community events.

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