Smith Marion & Co.: Building exceptional client relationships through traditional accounting services in the Inland Empire and Southern California

Smith Marion & Co.: Building exceptional client relationships through traditional accounting services in the Inland Empire and Southern California

From full-service tax preparation and strategy to specialized auditing to financial consulting services, our dedicated professionals at Smith Marion & Co. provide effective accounting services designed to give you everything you need for long-term accounting success.


Smith Marion & Co. — We build great relationships. We build expertise.

Assistance with tax preparation isn’t uncommon, but finding a professional, knowledgeable, and personable advisor with expertise in traditional accounting services is easier said than done. In order to have your accounting and tax needs met, it’s important that you engage an accounting firm that provides quality service and executes quality work with no exceptions or compromises.

At Smith Marion & Co., we’re committed to using our resources toward your success as our client. An accountant serves as your business and financial guide to assist you in various ways, and SMCO does that, and more. Our dedicated team of professionals are trained and invested in helping you pay the lowest taxes possible, solve business problems by using financial reports and other resources, achieve the maximum profit from your business venture, plan your estate to achieve your wishes, and more. Yes, we’re a medium-sized accounting firm, but we’re large-scale when it comes to what we do and how we operate.

SMCO operates primarily in the Inland Empire and Southern California with physical locations in California and Tennessee. We’re also proud to practice in Texas, Idaho, Utah, Florida, Michigan, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Mississippi. We’ve traveled across the world for our clients, and we’ll do it again if it means gaining your trust and building your financial stability.


Ready to serve your needs.

Our team is composed of dedicated and like-minded individuals who are all invested in providing the best accounting services and solutions to each and every client, including you. We want to make sure you’re working with the most suitable person who will get the job done the right way. And when it comes to taking on a project, we won’t simply agree just because we’re asked. At Smith Marion, we accept work because we’re confident that we’re the best fit for the project. As a result, we’ll assign you to an expert on our team or can refer you to another trusted firm so you can be as successful with your accounting needs as possible. We are that committed to great work — always have been since 1983.

When they founded Smith Marion, William P. Smith and David B. Marion weren’t interested in being an all-service accounting firm; they were interested in excelling at specialty accounting services that were most suitable to their knowledge and expertise. Today, that same passion to do work that we thrive on is one of the main driving forces that makes the Smith Marion firm a one-of-a-kind leader in the industry.

If you’re interested in our services and aren’t sure if we provide services in your state, please reach out to the SCMO team today to schedule your free consultation. We’ll be happy to arrange to get a permit to operate in your state so we can assist you with your future financial success!


About Smith Marion & Co.

Smith Marion & Co. is a medium-sized accounting firm committed to doing great work. Their auditing expertise is in HUD and Housing Authority Audits, tax credit property audits, and non-profit audits, while their tax expertise is in business and nonprofit entities, management, and business consulting, and income tax preparation for high net worth individuals.

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