RAD Consulting

The core of a successful RAD conversion is having a strategic partnership with accountants who are knowledgeable about RAD and are prepared to consult with you through the conversion process.

With the RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) conversion, housing authorities are moving toward HUD-funded private ownership. Navigating this transition can be complicated for housing authorities and requires professional RAD consulting. That’s why HUD relies on people like us to make this move less daunting and more smooth for people like you!

Whether you’re in the process of RAD conversion or you’re simply considering converting, we’re here to provide professional guidance and ensure that there are no financial mistakes. Our RAD consultants assist with RAD-based strategic planning and RAD conversions from the pre-application stages. We’ll take the burden off your shoulders and walk you through this process.



Financial projection and portfolio review/analysis  determine viability of property conversion


Collaborate to determine if RAD conversion is most appropriate option for property


Professional knowledge of RAD conversion benefits & disadvantages guides decision-making process

We also provide fiscal assessments to further help you determine if a RAD conversion is the best option for your property! We’ll run the numbers and your team will determine the best conclusion based on our professional guidance.

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