Fee Accounting

Fee accounting for housing authorities is similar to other accounting services except it’s specific to the housing industry. We understand the unique financial data system for PHAs and can help complete schedules, receive less rejections when submitting to HUD, and more.

The reality is that some housing authorities don’t have the financial resources for an in-house CFO. SMCo offers the option for a knowledgeable and trained fee accountant to do CFO responsibilities at a capacity that’s much more feasible for housing authorities on a budget.

Maybe you’re unable to afford a full-time controller or CFO but believe your housing authority would benefit from professional financial advice. Our housing authority fee accountants provide financial expertise at a fraction of the cost needed to hire a full-time CFO or controller.

No matter the case, our fee accounting services could be the solution for you. Some fee accountant responsibilities include:

  • budgeting and HUD/REAC year-end reporting

  • work papers for independent auditors

  • bank reconciliations

  • journal entries adjustments

  • receipts recording and disbursements

  • custom financial reports

  • FDS submissions

  • cash flow preparation

We also provide PHA year-end closing to reduce the headache and reporting requirements with the unaudited FDS submission. For many businesses, the end of the year is already stressful enough. This is when you need the most help. Maybe you don’t have enough staff members or simply don’t have the expertise — either way, our team of professionals will help ease your year-end responsibilities.

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