Managing a housing authority is a challenging task. Executive directors must maintain ever-changing HUD regulations and programs, often with a limited staff. SMCo is proud to specialize in housing authorities audits.

Auditing housing authorities is a highly specialized service. The industry in which they operate leads housing authorities to be subject to significant oversight by Federal, State, and Local regulatory agencies. Additionally, regulations in the industry are continually changing based on current political and economic factors.

Another factor adding to the complex nature of PHA audits is that they routinely have multiple reporting sub-entities and, consequently, require multiple audits. Even if you have multiple audits, Smith Marion provides you with one designated audit team.

With over 25 years of experience, our housing authority auditors are experts in the industry. We are:

  • Well-versed in public housing authority audit requirements that are beyond a typical audit engagement.

  • Known for delivering a timely audit

  • Excited to partner with you to improve accounting procedures to the extent allowable by independence standards.

  • Giving you a more flexible schedule so you can make a positive impact in your community.

The audit does not have to be a pain point for you. Submit an RFP request today!

Fiscal assessment of public housing authorities is another way of saying we assess and address any financial issues within your agency before they become problematic. Conducting public housing authority audits and assessments proactively builds a healthy financial foundation for the future of your agency.

We review each housing authority’s finance department for a variety of issues, including:

  • Compliance with HUD, GAAP & GASB regulations

  • Maximization of subsidy

  • Organizational structure

  • Internal control and accounting functions

  • Competency of accounting staff

  • The current budget process

  • Implementation of project based accounting

  • Reporting accuracy and timeliness.

We also provide a report of observations and recommendations to correct any deficiencies and align the agency for success.

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