Tax Planning

One of the best ways for your organization to gain the trust of donors and granters is with credible tax return documentation.


Our goal is to help tell your story as a nonprofit organization to donors and granters, and one of the best ways to do this is by establishing credibility with accurate tax documentation. While not all nonprofits need tax planning, our CPAs specialize in all nonprofit tax strategy and are knowledgeable enough to determine if your organization could benefit from this service so you’re not wasting time or funds.


We have tax preparers that specialize in preparing and filing all 990 forms. Form 990 is a primary tool for prospective grantors and donors. Our role is to prepare a tax return that’s accurate so your nonprofit is appropriately represented to the public, donors, and granters.


Donors and granters are constantly trying to decide if they want to give an organization a grant — and this major decision is often based on how an organization’s mission is presented, as well as the prior year program service accomplishments. By refining these two sections of the return we can help you with presenting your organization in a concise and professional manner that accurately represents your organization’s mission and vision to the public.


Our experts can help you with creating your non-profit entity and filing for tax exempt status. Here’s how we do it: 1. Create the corporation 2. Obtain an EIN and 3. Apply for Tax Exempt Status.


Losing your tax exempt status can be devastating for your organization; we are here to help you with regaining your non-profit status through reinstatement. The more recently your status was revoked, the less complicated it is to reinstate your entity, so please contact us today.

Your organization’s information is available for public review. Our nonprofit tax services ensure your tax return information is accurate, promoting your nonprofit’s credibility.

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