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Planning and consulting services that focus on helping nonprofit organizations grow by providing expert financial advice that helps them identify and attain goals.


As a nonprofit organization, remaining up-to-date with annual filing requirements could be difficult. With our compliance consultation services, you’ll learn how to create a compliance plan to ensure you’re following the rules and staying up-to-standards. While you can figure things out, our expert compliance consultants can offer guidance on what steps your organization needs to take to stay on top of industry trends.


This nonprofit consulting service focuses on what happens if someone who’s pivotal in your organization is looking to retire, such as an Executive Director. Succession planning will help you identify the critical positions within your organization and develop a plan of action to find the right individuals to assume those positions so you’re not unexpectedly trying to find a suitable successor.


Do you know how your organization will advance its mission? While this question seems easy to answer, many nonprofits need guidance when it comes to furthering their cause. The reality is that an NPO, just like any other business, requires active work to maintain momentum and growth. If your organization has short- and long-term goals but you’re not sure how those goals will be met, our strategic planning for nonprofits could benefit you. Let’s create specific organizational strategies, implement them, and assess the results to see if they align with your organization’s goals.


We know that you would benefit from being a part of a group that addresses your unique challenges. However, you’re not getting that personalized information by attending sessions at conferences. You need to connect with peers who face the same challenges you do.

The problem is, outside of self-organized groups, there hasn’t been a peer group for NPO leaders to connect and learn. We believe you should have a professionally facilitated peer group, which is why we created SMConnection.

You don’t have to plan or maintain your organization’s success on your own; let us help you help others.

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