Getting the most out of individual tax service packages: The best package for your needs (standard, executive, or premier)

With full service tax services that are geared toward individual pricing, there is something advantageous for every client.

Most accounting firms offer different tiers of tax service packages for clients to choose from: standard, executive, premier. Our business is no different. The packages start from the most general tax preparation support and go up to the most support.

For businesses, non-profit entities, and high net worth individuals looking for an accounting firm with expertise in income tax preparation,
Smith Marion & Co. has the resources to help. Our tax expertise is in the areas mentioned above, so providing full service
tax preparation and strategy is right up our alley.

The reason we’re taking the time to focus on our premier package is because those who fall into the categories mentioned above shouldn’t settle for less. This article reminds us about the importance of filing taxes: It’s a sign that you are responsible. Not just that, it also makes it easier for individuals and businesses to enter into subsequent transactions since their income is recorded by the tax department with applicable tax, if any, having been paid. Filing taxes correctly, however, is a whole different story.

What happens if you realize after you’ve filed your taxes that you’ve made a mistake? Or perhaps another tax document arrived in the mail after you submitted everything to the IRS? While the IRS has dealt with this type of situation before and has potential solutions for you in place, the risk could be stressful. Working with a professional that provides full service tax services will manage your taxes and essentially assume responsibility for those potential burdens that would otherwise fall on you.

Our packages … Your Needs

The standard package provides the basics to be compliant and meet tax filing requirements. This includes the standard items such as a Form 1040, electronic portal for secure collection and delivery, and e-signature. The executive package includes everything that the standard includes, but a few more perks and resources to help you minimize taxes and plan for liabilities.

Our premier package means that we can tailor your tax services from simple tax preparation to partnering with you year-round to proactively seek out available tax advantages. Something to keep in mind is that we don’t just prepare tax returns. As an accounting firm with specialties in tax preparation, we also focus on tax planning, tax strategies for multiple years, and proper entity selection to minimize your tax burden now and into the future.

Benefits of a Full Service Premier Package: Premier Clients

With our Premier client package, most of all your tax needs will be covered with one annual fee. This package is available to all our clients and is especially advantageous for our clients who like to sit down with our accountants to manage their tax situation.

Some items that are included in the Primer package are tax planning meetings and simulations for tax projections, unlimited phone calls and email questions, estimated tax due date reminders, other compliance filings, response to IRS and state tax notices, and more. Please explore our Premier client tax package and see if it is right for you!

We understand that different plans may benefit you at different stages of your life and allow you to move between plans accordingly. Let Smith Marion & Co. help you with all your tax needs. If you still have questions about our packages, get in-touch with the Smith Marion & Co. team today to schedule your free consultation!

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