March 3, 2017 – The IRS has changed their Form 990 extension due dates for non-profit organizations. The new extension policy became effective January 1, 2017, at the beginning of the year, and promises to ease the extension process for all parties involved.

Under the old policy, two extensions were granted in periods of three months. If a non-profit required more time past the initial three month extension, they would have to request a second extension, bringing their total extension time to six months. The new policy is a one-time extension for six months, eliminating the requirement to file for more than one extension. Instead, non-profits extending beyond their initial due date will have the full six months to meet their final due date.

Organizations should be aware of their year end. For convenience and clarity, we have provided a table below with relevant due dates and extension due dates.

Tax Year End Initial Due Date Extension Due Date
December 31 May 15 November 15
November 30 April 15 October 15
October 31 March 15 September 15
September 30 February 15 August 15
August 31 January 15 July 15
July 31 December 15 June 15
June 30 November 15 May 15
May 31 October 15 April 15
April 30 September 15 March 15
March 31 August 15 February 15
February 28 July 15 January 15
January 31 June 15 December 15

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