6 Underrated Benefits of Joining a Peer Group for Nonprofits

Overview: Learn some benefits of joining a peer group to help your nonprofit organization grow
Why should you navigate the complexities of managing an organization alone when there are tangible – and proven – resources and solutions to your problems? Through hands-on experience, we’ve learned that there is something invaluable for nonprofits that are part of a well-developed peer group.

When you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals who are interested in discussing, reviewing, and resolving issues within the industry, it could make your workload more manageable and less daunting.

We know it can be lonely managing a nonprofit – how will you prepare for audits or ensure your organization is compliant, and are your records for fundraising expenses accurate?

These are no easy tasks to address. However, having a central hub to discuss struggles, share ideas, and learn from others in the industry can make a huge difference for your organization (and your sanity).

A Support Group for Nonprofit Organizations Everywhere:

While it might not be easy to find a nonprofit-focused peer group (because there aren’t many to begin with), it isn’t impossible. Connection is a peer group for nonprofits that we’ve created to help nonprofits everywhere. We value connecting professionals together to share expertise for the collective benefit.

  • Highlights from Our Last Connection Meeting:
    • Attendees discussed capacity and which areas of capacity they would like to focus on to see the most immediate results. Some of the types of capacity discussed were:
    • Creative – Ability to See Options and Find Answers
    • Production – Ability to Accomplish Results
    • Discipline – Choice to Focus Now and Follow Through
  • How to have process improvement that lasts, how are we wasting time in our organizations. Members discussed which 3 processes would have the most impact on your housing authority if they were more efficient?
    • A huge focus was combating turnover and how to find quality team members.

Hear honest reviews and experiences from attendees of our last Connection meeting to learn about how beneficial this experience was for them. Click the link below to listen to reviews. You can also get a better idea of how your organization could benefit from a Connection meeting:

[WATCH VIDEO: Smith Marion “Connection” Highlights]

Additional Benefits of Joining Connection:

  1. A chance to challenge your thinking
  2. Relating to others in the field that might be struggling with similar issues as you
  3. Reigniting your passion for your work
  4. Asking questions from experts and peers with answers
  5. Establishing realistic goals for your organization
  6. Reviewing the inner workings of your organization and how your systems are working for/against you as a whole

In Summary:

Connection creates a positive atmosphere where you’re invited to discuss what is and isn’t working for your organization, and what can be adjusted for a better experience.

We look forward to the future of Connection, and hope to see you there! Again, feel free to check out our 5-minute video to hear directly from the attendees.

For more information, visit https://smconnection.cpa/.

– Shona Rodman, Office Manager

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