August 19, 2013—David Marion, Managing Partner and Barbara Cadger of Smith Marion and Company, were on hand to receive the “Major Donor 2013” from the Redlands Community Music Association (RCMA) also known as the Redlands Bowl.

Smith Marion & Co., LLP co-sponsored the August 16, 2013 concert featuring “Taikoproject” a high energy Japanese drum band that preformed that evening. As a concert co-sponsor Smith Marion & Co., LLP was presented with the award before the show as a public “thank you” in front of the audience. Smith Marion & Co., LLP is proud to support the local communities in which it works. The Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival holds the distinction of being the oldest continuous music festival in the United States at which no admission is charged.

Smith Marion & Co., LLP was founded in 1983 by William P. Smith and David B. Marion. Over the last several years, the company has experienced tremendous growth. In November 2012, the firm merged with Streit and Peters, CPAs, a California firm. Marion credits their staff of high-quality, committed professionals, who have invested in their training, development and growth, to the success of the company. The firm also takes pride in the growth of their client base, which has grown mainly from positive client referrals. The firm is licensed to operate in California, Tennessee, and Kentucky, with practice privileges in Idaho and Utah. The company serves clients nationwide.