David Marion and Brian Townsend

Wearing a magician’s hat, to follow the event theme of the The Magic of Living United, David Marion, out-going Chair, hands his gavel to new Board Chair Brian Townsend (on right). Photo by AUW Staff

San Bernardino – David B. Marion, CPA with Smith Marion & Co., LLP, and out-going Board Chair for Arrowhead United Way, handed over the gavel to Brian Townsend, Precinct Reporter, the in-coming Board Chair for 2013 – 2014.  The passing of the gavel occurred at the Arrowhead United Way (AUW) 2013 Annual Meeting and Awards Breakfast on May 2, 2013 at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino. Past Board Chairs in attendance were Linda Savage, Kevin Lang, and Don Averill.

The theme of the event was, The Magic of Living United, and Marion presided over the 2013 business meeting wearing a magician’s top-hat and wielding a magic wand along with the gavel.

Marion received an award for “Outstanding Support and Leadership” by Doug Rowand, President of Arrowhead United Way, which serves the San Bernardino area. “David has served on the board for over 20 years,” stated Rowand, “and for many of those years, he has been a great help to us as financial chairman.”Marion has served as Board Chairman for the past year and a half. The Arrowhead United Way is dedicated to addressing the highest priority needs of our residents in the areas of education, income and health.

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